VCAP-DCD5 Beta Exam Experiences

Because I am VCP5 and VCAP-DCD4 I was invited to the beta exam of the VCAP-DCD5 exam. I took that exam today, so I want to blog about it right away while it is fresh in memory. I cannot go into very specific details, but I will try to give as much value without violating any exam policies.

The test is 3hours and 45minutes, but because my native language is not english I got an extra 30 minutes to complete it. So totally 4hours and 15minutes. It is a long test and I guess you will need all of the time.

The overall felling of the test was good. The questions were reasonable written. The VMware certification can be proud of it. The exam focuses on the design part of vSphere and you need to answer some technical questions, most questions were design related though.

One advice I would give to anyone who is going to take the test. You need to know  Constraints, Requirements, Risks and Assumptions. Know their definitions in your sleep. Know how to distinguish them!

Most questions are multiple choice. But you will also get some where you have to use the built in design tool to create a diagram for a specific customer case. And you will have questions where you need to fit things from row a to row b.

To prepare for the test you will need to look at the blueprint. The test is very true to the blueprint. If you are experienced with VMware it will be a big help. 

Time management is a concern. The design questions and fit row a and b can easily take up some time. Use the feature to flag for later review and go back to the questions you are unsure of at the end.

I don’t know how my exam went. When doing the beta exam you will have to wait 8 weeks to find out. Hopefully I did good.


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