VCP-IaaS Exam Experiences

I just did the VCP-IaaS exam one hour ago, and wanted to share my experience right away while it is fresh in memory. I passed with a score of 409 (need 300 to pass). The Exam is 90 minute long, but I got 120 minutes because English is not my native language. During the time you have to answer 85 questions. To pass the exam you will definitely need hands on with the product. A lot of questions will ask you where in the vCloud GUI you perform certain administrative tasks. So lesson one: Know the interface. Most questions will be network related. You need to know your vCloud network by heart. External, Internal, Routed, vShield, NAT etc. need to be stuff you really know. You will also get a few questions in Chargeback. I would suggest especially looking into what default roles is present in Chargeback and what privileges they have. My best advice is to sit the vCloud, Install, Configure, Manage class. This class will be excellent for the exam. 

To sum it up. Take the vCloud 4 day training class, get hands on with the product and read thoroughly on the vCloud such as pVDC, oVDC, vShield, External network etc.


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