Danish vExperts of 2014

A year has passed and VMware just announced the vExperts of 2014. A total of 754 were selected. This was my fifth straight year as a vExpert. A big thank you to VMware for showing their appreciation of the community work I have been doing.

I would like to congratulate all vExperts, but a special congratulation goes to the danish vExperts. I have spotted the following people on the list:

  • Frank Brix Pedersen
  • Liselotte Foverskov
  • Kenneth Hansen
  • Nicolai Sandager
  • Mikael Korsgaard
  • Gert Kjerslev
  • Heino Skov
  • Mads Fog Albrechtslund
  • Anders Mikkelsen
  • Enrico Laursen
  • Rasmus Haslund

I had hoped to see Michael Ryom and Terkel Olsen on the list, they have put a lot of hard work into their blogs and I am sure we will see them soon on the list.



  1. Terkel says

    Vi må gøre et forsøg igen, men de skriver jo faktisk “content created in 2013″ og jeg startede først i 2014…

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